Quick money and easy to get via payday loan

Fast money credits allow us to obtain financing in minutes to solve any unforeseen event that threatens to unbalance our economy. Compare among the best current offers and get money fast and easy without just paperwork and with a process completely through the Internet:

How to get fast and easy money

Fast loans appeared in our country as a result of the economic crisis, positioning itself as a more accessible option than banks and responding to the need of users to obtain fast financing. This type of loans that offer quick and easy money have evolved and have been applying new technologies to their hiring processes to offer an increasingly fast and agile service.

From your online payday loan application at PD-Now, which we can formalize in a few minutes and without leaving home; your automatic credit analyzes, which evaluate our solvency level automatically, at any time and in a few minutes; even the little documentation they need.

In addition, fast and easy money companies also make use of other platforms, applications and services to streamline their processes. For example, the use of online identification applications, such as Instant, that allow us to send the data of our current account (with prior authorization) so that entities compare them with the form data and get fast money without paperwork.

Another application that many fast credit companies use is Hal-Cash with which we can withdraw the money quickly and easily in any of the ATMs attached to the service simply by entering the code that the entity sends us and without any additional cost.

5 steps to hiring fast and easy money

Quick and easy money credits are known for the ease with which we can hire them. Its process is short and very intuitive. Although each entity may vary in the steps to follow to achieve them, the vast majority follows the following:

  1. Choose quantity and term: thanks to its online simulators we can choose the amount of quick money we need and the term in which we want to reimburse it before starting the hiring process.
  2. Fill in the online form with our personal and economic data so that the urgent money credit entity performs the analysis prior to the approval and verifies that we are sufficiently solvent.
  3. Send documentation: once our application has been approved we must send the paperwork that we require so that the lender compares the data of the form with those of the documents. The sending of documentation also serves to prevent anyone from using our data fraudulently.
  4. Read and sign a contract: the entity will send us a PDF with the conditions of the contract. We must read the document carefully, ask any questions that arise and sign it if we agree with all the clauses.
  5. Receive the money fast and easy: finally, when the quick and easy money entity receives our signed contract will make the transfer of the requested credit to our account.

Following these steps, we can get the requested capital in a matter of minutes and solve the unexpected that has arisen at the same time. We must bear in mind that we should only apply for quick loans only if we are completely sure of being able to reimburse them and for contingencies that require an immediate economic response.

Access quick money 

Being enrolled in defaulters dramatically reduces our options to get the financing we need. However, there are some entities that allow us to get fast money. In order to access this type of financing, in addition to the general requirements, we must meet two additional conditions regarding the debt for which we are enrolled:

  • Origin: that the debt does not have any type of link with a bank, that is, it can not have been produced by a bank account, a personal loan or a credit card.
  • Amount: the debt cannot exceed € 1,000, although according to the entity this limit can vary between € 500 and € 2,000.

How fast loans are reimbursed

There are different ways to repay a loan. According to the quick and easy money entity we go to, they will give us one or several ways to return it to choose from. These are the different repayment options of the quick loans that exist:

  • Transfer: it is the most common way to reimburse money quickly and easily. We simply need to transfer the capital to be returned from our current account to the lender’s account that may be available to us on their website. For this, we can do it either through online banking or in one of the offices of our entity.
  • Cash payment: it is less common, but it is also a possibility. Simply we must go to the bank’s office where the entity has the account and make an income of the capital that we owe. In this case, it is very important to detail in the concept of our identifying data.
  • Direct debit: this option is more common in quick personal loans. The aim is to automate the reimbursement so that the specific day is carried out, just as if it were the direct debit of an invoice.
  • Payment by card: some lenders also offer from their platforms reimburse the credit by paying with our debit card as if it were an online purchase.

Depending on the entity we go to and our preferences, we can use one or another method of reimbursement.